With Eager Feet…

Welcome to the Miruvor blog!

In the last few years, Miruvor hasn’t travelled the smoothest of routes. Without an issue being produced between 2007 and 2011, it seemed to have foundered entirely – I know I wasn’t aware of its existence for quite some time after joining the Society. Anahita’s sterling efforts resulted in two issues produced over the course of 2011, and left me with a tough act to follow when I took up the editorial stapler last year.

The idea of Miruvor as a paper magazine is one that appeals to me – and reading through the back issues is a great pleasure. However, the difficulty of soliciting enough submissions (especially at a distance) at once is such that it doesn’t seem possible to produce a traditional magazine with any degree of regularity.

And without issues being produced, people’s awareness of Miruvor’s existence diminishes, and with it their impetus to produce material for it…and the volume of submissions doesn’t rise.

What we need is somewhere individual works can appear as they come in, and their publication isn’t dependant on a regular critical mass of submissions.

What we need is a blog…

This is not the first time a web-based Miruvor has been suggested, but I think the time has come when it is the route we need to take to keep Miruvor alive.

Let’s see where this particular road will take us.

I look forward to travelling it with you.

5 thoughts on “With Eager Feet…

  1. Darren Ormandy says:

    I live in Belgium and can never get to meetings so this is great. I’m going to the Tolkien conference at Oxford in March so I can write up a report on that if it’s useful, and maybe something earlier.

  2. Sarah Wells says:

    Good idea! Good luck with it.

  3. Anahita says:

    This looks incredibly professional – well done. And thanks for the compliments :)

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