Taruithorn’s 25th

To start off the 25th Anniversary issue, the Society’s Creatrix, Sarah Wells, remembers the Society’s founding.

Twenty-five years?  Already?  Can’t be, it’s only (looks at watch). Oh.

I suppose other people are filling the pages of this venerable magazine with where the time all went to, so I shall look instead at where it all came from.  The story of Taruithorn starts, of course, rather more than twenty-five years back.  Our parent body, the Tolkien Society, had been gathering yearly in Oxford since 1974; I had been making my own pilgrimages to Oxford as part of this since I was 9.  There had been a few attempts at starting an Oxford Tolkien Society over the years, none very large or long-lived, and now remembered only as faint rumours.  In any case, there was no local Smial or University society when I came up in 1988, an impressionable fresher but veteran Tolkien fan.

I can still remember the pleasure of discovering the Geek Ghetto in my first Freshers’ Fair; it was clear there would be no shortage of like-minded people.  Naturally I signed up for at least half the clubs there, and it wasn’t many weeks before I was sure that Tolkien was not, after all, entirely without honour in his own country.  A year later, therefore, having found my feet, my confidence, and a decent supply of good friends to help out, I circulated a few posters, booked a room, and lit the fuse.
The rest is either in the Archives, or too scurrilous to repeat, at least until the 125th anniversary comes round!

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