A move to Editors new, and the (very) late Hilary 2016 issue


The cover of the Hilary 2016 issue of Miruvor. Artwork by Martha Buckley.

Dear readers,

I must start this post with an apology. It has been over a year and a half since I last updated this blog, but that, my friends, heinous though it be, is not the worst of my crimes.  I compiled the Hilary 2016 issue of Miruvor, and it was printed, distributed, and ravenously devoured by the Society’s ranks of print readers more than a year ago. However, callous, neglectful, lazy Editor that I am, I managed not to give so much as a thought to you, our noble internet readers, not even mentioning that issue on this blog. My apologies. The Hilary 2016 issue may be downloaded as a PDF here. My successors as Editor may post the individual articles to this blog over the coming months; I know not.

In the interval since my last post I am proud to announce that the Back Issues page, through the sterling efforts of various Society members, has been completed! Every issue of Miruvor ever published is now available for download.

Two AGMs of the Society have been and gone since my last post. In 2016 I, fresh from the publication of the aforementioned HT16 issue, was once more elected Editor of this illustrious publication. My sole accomplishment for the Society in this last year was the calling-for of submissions for a Hilary 2017 issue; alas, the received content was too little, and the issue was postponed.

After the 2017 AGM a couple of months ago, I am now happy to be able to welcome my successors, Kristi and Tsvetana, to the illustrious position of Miruvor Editors! I am currently engaged in composing a set of handover instructions for them, and wish them well in all their endeavours, as Editors and otherwise.

Farewell, friends,


Outgoing Editor

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