Back Issues

The Miruvor collection in the Society's Oxford Archive cupboard.

The Miruvor collection in the Society’s Oxford Archive cupboard.

In 2005, Miruvor was compiled digitally before printing for the first time. Issues since then are available as PDFs below:

Scans of the following issues can be found here, courtesy of Matthew Kilburn:

  • Trinity 2003
  • Hilary 2003
  • Michaelmas 2001
  • Hilary 2000 (10th Anniversary edition)
  • Hilary 1998
  • Michaelmas 1997
  • Trinity 1997
  • Hilary 1997
  • Michaelmas 1996
  • Trinity 1996
  • Hilary 1996
  • Michaelmas 1995

Finally, here are some early issues scanned by other members of the Society, which are hosted here on the Miruvor blog:

The Society maintains a physical archive of many Miruvors past in Oxford – do contact us if you’d like to access it. There are also many issues of Miruvor held in the Bodleian Library in Oxford, accessible to readers if ordered from stack. The Tolkien Society Archive also holds several issues.

A not-necessarily-complete list of Miruvor issues exists on the Fanlore wiki, where there is more detailed information on some of the earliest issues, as well as some pictures of early covers.

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