Trinity 2011

Miruvor Trinity 2011 (PDF)

Editor: Anahita Hoose


Interview with Creatrix – Anahita Hoose with Sarah Wells
Double Dactyls – Anna Vaninskaya and Aram Mikaelian
Mr Gloves – Frances Watson
Underwear in Middle-earth: Fact or Fiction? – Anna Clare
The Heights of Ered Wethrin – Euan Grant
Meeting-That-Never-Was – Anna Vaninskaya
Alice in Liddell-Earth – Anahita Hoose
Media reactions to LotR’s election as book of the century
A cautionary tale of a boy who failed to realize he had a duck on his head – Nick Clarke
A Celebration of Éowyn – Alex Norrish
Uncle Sauron’s Biology Class: Some remarks on the physiology of the elves – Anon
UK Games Expo 2011 – Freya Freestone
The Peoples of Middle Earth v. Melkor: A Re-Examination – Charlotte Jones
In a Hole in the Ground lived a Gamer? – Ian L. Collier

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