Trinity 2015

Miruvor Trinity 2015, 25th Anniversary Edition (PDF)

Editor: Amrit Sidhu-Brar


Cover designs – Lynn Edwards


Editorial – Amrit Sidhu-Brar

Silver Jubilee – Dr Grossel

Taruithorn’s 25th – Sarah Wells

A Tolkien Calendar – Part 1: The calendars – Joseph Bartram

News from Wrexham – Paulina Pejka

Translations from the Anglo-Saxon – Eleanor Simmons

Raymond Edwards’ ‘Tolkien’ – A Review –     Eleanor Simmons

Spring comes to the Shire – Morgan Feldman

A Unique Perspective – Matthew Kilburn

Crossword – Aram Mikaelian

Finduilas of Nargothrond – Lynn Edwards

Taruithorn on television – Anahita Hoose

Undertowers – Hebe Stanton

‘Fëanor’s Helm’ and ‘Tar-Míriel’ – Lynn Edwards

Some personal reminiscences of a superannuated Editor – Anna Vaninskaya

A Tolkien Calendar – Part 2: The system of Ages – Joseph Bartram

Mornington Spotlight: the Parallel Shift – Martha Buckley

Banquets remembered – Loïs Moss

Tolkien the modernist? Mark Atherton on the origins of the Hobbit – Anahita Hoose

It takes more than soil to mend the Shire – Morgan Feldman

Merton Tolkien Symposium – Amrit Sidhu-Brar

Early Memories – Chris Seeman

A Lament for Tolkien’s Tree – Morgan Feldman

Taruithorn Songbook – Various

Fire and Water – Claire Wilkinson

Peter Jackson’s The Battle of the Five Armies – A Review – Eleanor Simmons

A Tolkien Calendar – Part 3: Previous attempts to date the War of the Ring – Joseph Bartram

Bilbo’s bequests – Amrit Sidhu-Brar & Hebe Stanton

Arda’s Worst Fathers – Eleanor Simmons

A selection of poetry – Anna Vaninskaya

A Tolkien Calendar – Part 4: My own estimate – Joseph Bartram

The Tragedy of Gollum – Samantha Reynolds

Five-minute “fic recs” – Eleanor Simmons

What has Taruithorn ever done for us? – Alex Norrish

Society Quotes Book – Amrit Sidhu-Brar

Idril Celebrindal – Lynn Edwards

Hymn to Manwë – Anahita Hoose

Terry Pratchett – Obituary – Claire Wilkinson

Middle-Earth Map – Amrit Sidhu-Brar

Into the West – Lynn Edwards


2 thoughts on “Trinity 2015

  1. […] Morgan Feldman kicks off the fiction content with the first of the three Shire stories that are in the 25th Anniversary issue: […]

  2. […] that’s it! Lynn‘s wonderful back cover art above closes the 25th Anniversary issue of Miruvor. We had some truly wonderful submissions, which successfully made the issue truly a […]

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