The End…

And that’s it! Lynn‘s wonderful back cover art above closes the 25th Anniversary issue of Miruvor. We had some truly wonderful submissions, which successfully made the issue truly a memorable one.

Now, to look forward! I’ll continue blog-posting now and again; I have a few bits that didn’t quite make it into the issue for reasons of space. However our main task must be to look forward to the next print issue! I’m now officially accepting submissions for the Hilary 2016 issue, which I hope can be printed over the Christmas vacation to reach you at the start of term. Remember that you don’t necessarily have to be a member of the Society to contribute, and your subject need only be tangentially related to Tolkien. So get writing!

Your Editor,

Amrit Sidhu-Brar

(more of Lynn’s artwork is at

25th Anniversary issue and cover!

Hello all! I’m Amrit, your new Editor as of the last AGM. The Society’s been incredibly busy recently with preparations for our 25th Anniversary event a couple of days ago, which I’m glad to say went brilliantly. At the event, we also released the much-awaited (hopefully) 25th Anniversary issue of Miruvor. The issue is now available to download as a PDF here. If you would like a print copy, please contact the Society at The beautiful cover art shown above was done by Lynn Edwards.

The new issue had enormous amounts of new submissions from members, and drew on some material already published on this blog. I hope to, over the next couple of months, publish all the articles therein as blog posts. Hopefully the issue’s publication should inspire plenty of you to write more lovely articles for us – I hope I’ll be able to publish another print issue before my time as editor is up! Remember that submissions are always welcome, just send them to the Editor’s account at

As a start on converting the issue into blog posts, here I include my editorial from the Anniversary issue:

Well, welcome all! In case you hadn’t gathered, this is the 25th Anniversary edition of Miruvor!

The story of this issue began at last year’s AGM, when, Lord Morgoth having suggested (and started making plans for) an event for the 25th Anniversary at our Erebor banquet the previous week, the idea of an Anniversary edition was first mooted. Now, two years ago, Miruvor metamorphosed into a blog (, to which any submissions since then have been posted, and this is the first printed issue since that time. At our later committee meetings, we decided to ask old members to contribute commemorative articles for what was rapidly becoming a very special issue – professionally printed, A4, full colour – as we added more and more components to the Anniversary Party since we realised that, being in a College, we couldn’t provide the catering. Considering that we originally feared we’d struggle to fill a 24-page A4 magazine, I’m not exaggerating when I say that the number of submissions far exceeded our hopes.

There’s a lovely mixture of articles within – as well as the commemorative, we have essays, fanfiction, poetry, visual art, reports on Society activities, even a crossword! In fact, my grand plan to designate a Tengwar letter to each category of article to facilitate the location of articles on interest in the contents page has failed somewhat precisely due to the range of articles received – there were articles that defied categorisation, hence the Other category (7)!

As for the future of Miruvor, I hope that the consistent badgering current members have received about producing articles for this issue has lodged the need to write deep in our minds, and that another issue won’t be long coming. In fact, several members submitted more articles than I could include in this issue, so we’re already part-way there. I’ll endeavour to produce another issue before my time as Editor is up, but in any case, the blog exists, and will continue to exist – I’ll post all articles from this issue on the blog a few weeks after the issue is released, and new submissions will continue going on there. If anyone’s inspired to write by anything here contained, please do so, and send them to me at! Furthermore, do feel free to contact me with criticism, praise, rage, joy, madness, or any other reaction to the volume you’re holding.

My thanks go to all of our contributors, especially to Joe for tirelessly chasing submissions for weeks on end, to Lynn for our wonderful cover design, and to Claire, my predecessor, for starting the production of this issue and for managing the Miruvor blog from which much of this issue’s content was shamelessly taken. Well, here it is, do enjoy, I hope I’ve not utterly failed in its production, any mistakes contained herein are certainly my fault. Since you’re all reading this at or after the Anniversary Party, I hope that went well. Enjoy this issue, (and the rest of your lives), may the Society continue to flourish,


Miruvor Editor