Silver Jubilee

The Society’s Senior Member since the founding, Lord Morgoth himself (as well as Society Demi-God), Dr Martin Grossel reflects on 25 years of Taruithorn in his contribution to the Anniversary issue.

It has been a very great pleasure to have been associated with the Tolkien Society over the last 25 years if only in a minor capacity. It is a considerable achievement to have sustained an active, non-sporting University society over such a long period of time.

Particular highlights, of course, include the annual Banquets which have always been a pleasure to attend and are remarkable because of the number of former members who continue to support them, often accompanied by their families. Such long-term loyalty is very special and in my experience unknown in other Universities. Furthermore the catering and decoration provided by members has always been a huge success.

The various commitments of my professional life have often limited my ability to attend meetings on a regular basis but I have always enjoyed the Trials (though the activities of both Morgoth and Sauron were clearly misunderstood by the Court!) and I am sure all of those who were present will remember Morgoth’s Matches! There also used to be vacation trips by members in the summer and it was a great pleasure to catch up with a group who were walking in the Lake District several years ago.

Other events worthy of particular mention include the Reduced Lord of the Rings performances and the range of visiting speakers that the Society has been able to attract over the years.

I wish the Society every continued success and congratulate all those who have contributed to its achievements to date.